Well,actually I hve to say.. Some times..

you need a while to understand what is gonna be your own reality,principles you want to fight for..

Hoping you would find better solutions,you just smother yourself in thoughts,which seem like they will never have an end…

You fight for the people who are important to you and were your reason for your patience all over the years of your life..

At least you thought it was this way..

But then,there will be a moment you start to think how painful it can be to try to get the empathy..

There will be always people in your life you don’t want to lose,don’t want to let them go away..

At this point the only possibility for gettin up on your feet is to recognize that you can be a part of the change 

of a change you want to see in the world..

Actually at least in your own world..

With the strength of the power of your will and hard work,one day you will be at the place you deserve it…

This ‘sometimes’ I was talking about, will become ‘the one day’ at which your pain will be dissapear..¬†

Just time,time is that what we need and should build with our own hands..